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Plastic Stadium Seat |


  • The whole of our stadium seats are made of original and high impact-resistant special raw material.
  • Scrap raw material, weight increasing filling materials, etc. to cause physical and chemical negative conditions in the production are not available in the raw material of stadium seats.
  • UV stabilizer is used in raw material utilized for the whole of our stadium seats to prevent stadium seats to be affected from external conditions adversely and colorant dye light sensitivity grade of which is minimum 8 is used to prevent fading.
  • All of our stadium seats are connected at 2 or 4 points to spread the impact effect. There are metal inserts at the top connection area for the purpose of reinforcement.
  • The whole of our stadium seats are TSE (TS EN 12727) certified.
  • On request, we can produce flame-retardant stadium seats
  • Our stadium seats have a water discharging channel and it does not accumulate water
  • You can connect our stadium seats with fastening screw which is 8*50 DYNE 571
  • The whole of our stadium seats are involved all norms and features recommended by FIFA , UEFA and other international organizations