-The stadium seat should be max. 3% when it is subject to CULL TEST.

 -UV stabilizers should be used to prevent negative effects on the outside environment and coloring paint should be used to prevent discoloration in the raw material to be used in production of stadium seat.

 - The Stadium Seat should be installed on at least 2 floors to spread the impact effect.

 -The front part of the stadium seat should be designed to prevent the entrance of the hand.

 -The stadium seat should have reinforcing metal parts inside the connecting holes. However, the metal parts should not be removable.

 -The stadium seat & nbsp; water discharge system must be designed to be made from the water discharge channel on the product seating surface, not the holes that can be clogged from the mud over time. 

 -The TSE Certificate belonging to the Stadium Seat (TS EN 12727) must be available.


In case of non-combustibility :

 -The stadium seat should have flame retardant property in V2 standard. 

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